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Do you need a hand to choose what to wear today?

Stella is a style consultant that comes from the future. She evaluates your outfit and sugests items for you to go out nothing but gorgeous. She gives you a new tip everyday according to the weather and the event you are going to.

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Outfit evaluation

Do you want an opinion about what to wear?

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Find out images that fit your style to inspire you before you go out.

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Special selection

The outfits and tips are selected specially for you. You can always go back to the app and take a look at your favourite outfits.

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Made for you

Stella knows what you like and will give you special tips according to the weather and the event you are going to.


Outfits and tips that are made for you

Stella brings an image selection based on women diversity, with lots of styles, of course. That's how we offer you exclusive content. Share with your friends!


Be a part of it and tell us a little bit about you. It won't take long.

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